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Pet Odor and Pet Stain Removal

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Pet Odor and stain removal is probably one of the most time-consuming aspects of carpet cleaning.  At Huck's, we know how difficult it is to get pet odors removed; especially if the pet urine has gone through to the padding.  Huck's Carpet Cleaning Wildwood uses a special syringe to inject our unique formula into the padding so that the odors will not return. Our method is not only good for removing dog urine, but also for getting rid of pet urine stains.

Huck's Carpet Cleaning Wildwood will remove stains from carpeting or upholstery and completely neutralize, as opposed to mask, odors.  Pet Odor removal is vital to completely cleaning and removing a pet stain, as pets can smell traces of the stain and be encouraged to eliminate in the area again. By removing all traces of the stain, your pet will not be encouraged to continue eliminating in the same area.

Pet Stain and Odor Removal Demo

Watch the video as we demonstrate how our rotovac absorbs the pet odor and pet stains out of this carpet


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